Binghamton Restaurant Guide to Eating Local  !

WELCOME TO STIR TOGETHER"  A Guide  to Binghamton's Independent Restaurants. Discover  the best and many unique places to "Dine Local" around the Southern Tier.  

Our goal is to promote our locally owned restaurants and help build a vibrant restaurant scene across the Southern Tier! The Eat-Local movement recognizes the valuable role independent restaurants play in our community. They help preserve our identity, local cuisine and  culture and provide venues for local artist and musicians. Even in this tough economy; these small businesses continue to generously "give-back" by hosting community events, donating to local charities, youth sports leagues and more!

In contrast; only a small percentage of the money spent at chain restaurants, circulates back into our local economy. The majority of revenue is exported to global mega corporations. The "chain reaction" results in 3 to 6 independent restaurants closing with-in 12 to 18 months of each chain restaurant opening.

Join the "Keep It Local" movement! Together; we can create a positive ripple effect on our economy & community! 

Your Table is Waiting  !

Stir-Together & Something Magical Will  Begin !